Vapor Ban Would Affect Local Business – Wrsp Fox 55/27 Illinois | – Local News

Bondi wants FDA to back off on rules for Ybor cigar maker |, The Tampa Tribune and The Tampa Times

Workers put a banner drawing attention to the plight of the El Reloj cigar factory in Tampa recently.


That’s why she wants to ban the sale of the flavored liquids that go inside the vaporizing pens, leaving customers with only two choices, tobacco and menthol. “The flavors, it gets a lot of people off that tobacco taste and it’s the same thing between wine coolers and all the different flavors. Why attack one thing and not like the difference in the taste of wine coolers, and I really see it as a political game.
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Newman Cigar, urging the federal agency to more narrowly tailor these overboard regulations. The FDA is looking to discourage the use of electronic cigarettes and tobacco products among minors by expanding rules on the sales and advertising of cigarettes. J.C. Newman is the lone survivor of a cigar industry that first came to Tampa in the 1890s. This 119-year-old premium cigar company with 130 employees is truly unique in this industry and should not be regulated in the same manner as the nation’s largest cigarette companies, Bondi wrote on Friday, the deadline for submissions on the federal plan.
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