Why E-cigarettes Might Not Be As Safe As You Think

What these websites fail to mention is that e-cigarettes also deliver a https://ottojrfu.wordpress.com/2014/08/09/e-cigarette-registry-launched-by-bernstein-liebhard-llp-to-track-adverse-events-potentially-associated-with-electronic-cigarettes-2/ fraction of the nicotine that cigarettes doroughly 20 percent (between 0 and 35 g of nicotine per puff) of what a regular cigarette delivers. Which means the average vaper is more likely to be huffing on these devices longer and more often than conventional cigarettes. Or simply augmenting their current cigarette regimen with e-cigs (you know, for crowded bars and restaurants where smoking a real cigarette would get you thrown out for douchebaggery). It’s the so-called “dual use effect.” “The e-cigarettes are rapidly penetrating the market, especially with kids.
from: http://gizmodo.com/why-e-cigarettes-might-not-be-as-safe-as-you-think-1589485508/+leahfinnegan


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